Testing Made Easy

QA testing is kind of like flossing your teeth—you know you really should do it but you could probably get away with skimping on it until someone calls you out.

The last thing you want to happen during a project is to be called out by your client for a something that should have been caught during QA. WeGood will help you create a roadmap for testing so you and your team won’t find yourselves lost in a flurry of clicks or excuses.

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Work as a Team

Tired of QA test rounds that run as efficiently as a group of four year olds playing soccer?

With WeGood you can assign specific testing scenarios to different team members so you can work together to test efficiently, accurately, and comprehensively.

Keep Records

Have you ever paused mid-QA test and realized you have no recollection of what you reviewed?

You were thoroughly testing your project for the past hour but somehow you got lost in the midst of countless clicks and screens. WeGood not only helps focus your testing by providing a roadmap with detailed steps, you also have access to a downloadable report so you can keep or share a complete list of all scenarios tested and their current status.

Communicate Clearly

This doesn’t work right. That should be different.
Clear feedback is hard to come by.

Would you prefer to avoid the back-and-forth of how features should work after they’ve been developed by clearly spelling out the details upfront? With WeGood, features and test scenarios are written in a clear, step-by-step approach so testers, developers, clients, and any other team members follow the exact same steps when testing and know what outcome is expected.

Integrate with Tools

Communication is key and the key to efficient communication is to do as little of it as possible.

We’ve been the messengers of QA feedback—too much time is spent manually collecting, organizing, reviewing, and communicating everyone’s feedback. We prefer to let the tools do the talking as much as possible so you don’t have to. Make your life easier by connecting WeGood with other tools you already use, like Assembla, so feedback is automatically communicated, cutting down on unnecessary manual labor and increasing the speed of clear communication.

Pricing and Plans

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